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As part of the website update, we’re going to start sharing relevant photos and videos that Members have posted to Instagram.

We’ve set up a number of special galleries on the website that will showcase specific sets of photos and videos from Instagram… so our  Members can share, view and comment on photos of specific events.

This is done using ‘hashtags‘.

So for example, if you take a great photo when you’re out playing Buddy Golf, you can upload that to Instagram with the tag ‘hmbgcbuddies‘ … and it will automatically be shared on the Buddy Golf page on the website and on the Buddies Gallery page.


We’ve set up a list of hashtags below, that we’ll be using for various galleries and to add images to some of the information pages on the website.


Tagging Your HMBGC Photos

hmbgc … for ANY relevant photos of the course, golf pics, tournaments, social events etc…

If appropriate, you can also add one or more of the following…

hmbgcbuddies … any pics from Buddy Golf, golfing of social.

hmbgcladies … photos or videos of any ladies events & social outings

hmbgcrepgolf … anything from pennants, interclub, away trips etc.

hmbgcchamps … players on the course or prize presentations etc.

hmbgcsocial … any social events or general fun around the clubhouse.

hmbgcjuniors … juniors events, presentations etc.

hmbgcblues … Blues Club events, functions & away trips.

hmbgcwildlife … any wildlife shots, hopefully not just the crocodiles!

hmbgcpostcards … any great scenic shots that show off our course!

hmbgchistory … any old photos of the course or people from our early days.

We can add more tags as required, so if you think of anything, please let us know in the golf shop so we can keep this list current. And keep an eye out for event-specific tags on future golf or social days!

Editing Your Selections

Please do be a bit selective if you have a heap of the same subject. Pick out your very best and tag those so we don’t end up with dozens of near identical photos in the feeds!

And if you can add some useful info when you publish to Instagram… the date, people’s names, events etc, we’ll be creating a pictorial record that will serve the club for many years to come!


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