Information For Visitors & Guests Social Golf

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or an eager beginner, you’ll find the variety of holes at Half Moon Bay Golf Club interesting and challenging. We have a mix of long, clear fairways where you can really open, plus some tighter layouts that demand respect and punish over-confidence.

HMBGC can be quite busy virtually all year round, so you should always plan ahead and book a tee time. This is especially important if you’ll require a motorized golf cart or hire clubs for your round.

Visitor/social access to the course is generally available seven days a week, though some days there might only be 9 hole tee times available. You should check the Golf Bookings page for an approximate schedule and then follow the prompts to lock-in a tee time.

Saturday and Wednesday are our largest competition fields, so visitor access is limited to players with a current AGU handicap, AFTER our Members have had a chance to make their bookings. Use our Golf Bookings page to request to be added to our waitlist.

Essential Information

We are a bit more relaxed in the Tropical North, but we do have some basic minimum standards. Please take the time to review the dress code… and inform your playing partners… to save any embarrassment or unexpected costs on the day.

  • Closed in walking or running shoes, or approved golf footwear.
  • Socks must be worn.
  • Open toed shoes, sandals or thongs are not permitted on the course.
  • A top with a collar. Singlets and T-Shirts are not allowed on the course.
  • Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts or appropriate gym wear. Football shorts are not permitted.
  • Neat and tidy clothing at all times.
  • Metal spikes are NOT permitted on the course.

Failure to comply with this dress code will result in your being asked to leave the course.

Please note:. dress regulations apply to anyone using the facility, including those not actually playing.

We also recommend you bring a hat and sunscreen and a water bottle.

Our current social golf fees and rental costs are as follows…

18-Holes Social Golf$50
9-Holes Social Golf$30
Electric Cart, 18-Holes$50
Electric Cart, 9-Holes$30
Pull Cart$5
Premium Club Hire,18 Holes$50
Premium Club Hire, 9 Holes$35
Standard Club Hire, 18 Holes$35
Standard Club Hire, 9 Holes$25

The Golf Shop also has a large selection of new golf balls, tees, gloves, drinks and snacks. Secondhand golf balls are currently in short supply and may be unavailable.

Need anything else? Just ask when you make your booking and we’ll do our best to assist.

Motorised carts, pull buggies and golf clubs are available for hire from the Golf Shop.

Motorised Carts

Motorised Carts are expensive to operate and even more expensive to repair. The hirer must complete a rental agreement and shall assume all responsibility for any damage to the cart, or damage caused by their cart to the course, other players or other equipment.

Anyone misusing a golf cart will have their rental terminated and be asked to leave the course immediately.

Motorised carts shall only be operated by the adults (18+) with a full/open driver’s license. Anyone allowing a golf cart to be operated by a minor or unlicense driver will have their rental terminated and be asked to leave the course immediately.

Hire Clubs

Each player in your group must have their own set of clubs to play. Sharing clubs invariably slows down play and is not allowed.

We have a limited number of premium and standard golf sets available for hire, for both men and women, right and left handed.

Bookings are essential!

Please make sure you reserve any equipment you require when you make your booking.

On a busy day there can be hundreds of other golfers out on the course, so please make sure all players in your group follow the following guidelines to ensure everyone has a great day!


  • Play at a reasonable pace. If you’re falling behind or holding up the group behind you, take a break for 5 minutes and call them through.

  • Play ready-golf when the fairway is clear, without getting in front of your playing partners.

  • If you’re playing with beginners or non-golfers, decide in advance to have them pick up once they’re 3-4 over par for any hole. Better still play an Ambrose format that they’ll enjoy a whole lot more!

  • If you have ANY doubts about being able to find your ball after a shot, hit a provisional before you move on.

  • Call “FORE!” loudly ANY TIME your ball is headed towards another group or onto another fairway. If you can’t see where it’s going, call FORE! even louder… it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Always carry a sand bucket and fill your divots. Repair your pitch marks on the greens.

  • Rake the  bunkers once you’re out. Put the rake back inside the bunker, pointing towards the flag.

  • Motorised carts must stay outside the blue line where marked. Keep well clear of all tees and greens where there is no line marked.

  • When conditions are wet, use common-sense and keep motorised carts well clear of any waterlogged areas. As much as possible, please park to the side on higher ground and walk to your ball.

  • Do mark your ball clearly and ALWAYS check that it is your ball before you hit it. NEVER pick up golf balls.
  • Do treat the golf course, hire equipment and all facilities with respect.

  • Do treat other players on the course with courtesy and respect. Be quiet when others are nearby and playing their shots, even if they’re on a different fairway or tee.

  • Do turn off your mobile phone or put it on silent.


  • Don’t hit your shots until the group in front of you is well out of range. If in doubt, wait a little longer!
  • Don’t move or talk while someone in your group is hitting the ball (or about to hit). Be aware of other players on adjacent tees and be quiet while they hit as well.

  • Don’t walk across the line of another player’s putt on the green. The flattened spot from your footprint can be enough to change the roll of their putt.

  • Don’t lay spare clubs on the green while you putt… it’s too easy for someone to step backwards on them and damage the green.

  • Don’t ever play when lightning is in the area. If the hooter sounds… 1 long sustained blast… stop play and take cover immediately.

  • Don’t hold up other players. Call faster groups through, have slower players pick up, don’t spend more than 3 minutes looking for a lost ball.

  • Don’t enter the water looking for your balls… we do have crocodiles in some of the dams and golf balls are replaceable.

  • Don’t pick up golf balls on the course… they will almost always belong to another golfer, and you can ruin their game if they are playing a comp.
  • Don’t bring alcohol onto the course… it will be confiscated and your whole group may be asked to leave.

Mostly good golf etiquette comes down to common-sense behaviour and treating our course and other players with respect. Do that and we all have a great day out.

BYO Alcohol Is Forbidden BY LAW.

The entire Half Moon Bay Golf Course is deemed a licensed premise so anyone bringing alcohol onto the property puts our license at risk and exposes us… and you… to fines and penalties. So we have a Zero Tolerance policy in this regard.

If you bring alcohol onto the course it will be confiscated and your entire group will be asked to leave the property immediately.

No warnings, no exceptions, no refunds.

As a licensed venue we are not permitted to serve intoxicated persons or allow them to remain on the premises. This includes the entire golf course, so please make sure all members of your group understand this.

If you want to come out, play some golf, have a few drinks and have a great day out, we’d love to have you.

But if you plan to get drunk, misuse our golf carts, damage our course, or upset our other players…

You will be asked to leave. No Warnings. No Exceptions. No Refunds.