Alcohol On Our Golf Course

BYO Alcohol Is Forbidden BY LAW.

The entire Half Moon Bay Golf Course is deemed a licensed premise so anyone bringing alcohol onto the property puts our license at risk and exposes us… and you… to fines and penalties. So we have a Zero Tolerance policy in this regard.

If you bring alcohol onto the course it will be confiscated and your entire group will be asked to leave the property immediately.

No warnings, no exceptions, no refunds.

As a licensed venue we are not permitted to serve intoxicated persons or allow them to remain on the premises. This includes the entire golf course, so please make sure all members of your group understand this.

If you want to come out, play some golf, have a few drinks and have a great day out, we’d love to have you.

But if you plan to get drunk, misuse our golf carts, damage our course, or upset our other players…

You will be asked to leave. No Warnings. No Exceptions. No Refunds.

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