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Juniors Program

With a lot of people looking through the new website it seems a good time to put out a call for a volunteer to take on the role of Junior Coordinator.

Our Thursday Juniors Clinics are starting to pick up, but we could really use someone who’s willing and able to take on a coordinator role, liaise with Graham and Jeanette, and further develop the program. We’ve had a number of people indicate they’d be happy to lend a hand… as have several of the Committee… we just need to find someone to take on the orgniser’s job.

There’s a great Juniors program that’s been developed by Golf Australia called MyGolf, that we’d like to implement. It runs the kids through seven basic skill sets, lets them track their performance online and encourages some friendly competition between their mates. There’s a lot of info on the page below on how the program works and how you a Junior Coordinator might implement it in our club.

Junior Coordinator’s Information on MyGolf

It’s proving very popular at clubs right around Australia, but there’s no one doing it in Cairns yet. If you’re at all interested, please check out the MyGolf website here, and talk to any of the current Committee.


Social Media Networks

You’ll notice we’ve set these up for the club and we’ll start posting all news items to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ shortly, so you can follow along on your preferred platform. We’ve got a bit of set up to do on each of them first though.

Anyone Using LinkedIn?

We actually need to ‘connect’ with a few people via LinkedIn before we can set up a company page for Half Moon Bay. So if anyone uses LinkedIn, please click here and ‘connect’ with us via our personal page, and we’ll get get a Club page up shortly.

Connect With HMBGC on LinkedIn

You might need to login first to view the page…


Our New Website…

Welcome to the new Half Moon Bay Golf Club website.

This has been a long-overdue update of the entire website. We’ve updated about 90% of the information during the update, plus we’ve added a lot of new sections. We’ve tested and checked extensively, but there’s always going to be a few typos and glitches slip through, so if you find anything at all, please just post a note through the contact form and we’ll get it sorted ASAP. Thanks!

What’s New For Members

We’re hoping you’ll find it even easier to use and packed full of new information and features. We’ve updated a lot of the old website features and info, plus we’ve added options for the main social networks. You’ll find the whole website more interactive and we now have several options for Members to contribute content.

We’ve got a load of photos to get into galleries still, plus we’ll be looking for some help identifying some of the people in the older photos.

We’ve added a bit more of the history of the Club, but it’s quite sketchy in places. Please send us your recollections and anecdotes so we can preserve our history for posterity.

We’ve got a ‘timeline’ on the main Club History page that has quite gap in it… 1975-2000… so if anyone has some record of dates for any milestones in that period, please send them in as well!

The Member’s Login page now has some additional information on it and the form has been moved to the right-hand margin, but the process is the same. When you login, you’ll find all the same features and functions as before, with a slightly different layout and design. (Coming Soon!)

What’s New For Visitors

Whatever your interest, you’ll find a lot more information on the many services we offer, and how you can make better use of our facilities. We’ve also added some great free downloads and a selection of newsletters and specials lists. Please take your time to have a look around, and if you can assist in any way at all, please do contact us.

For Our Sponsors & Supporters

You’ll noticed we’ve updated our Sponsors & Supporters listing, and we’ve also added your logo to our Home Page. Please check the wording, the logo and the link on both those pages, and if you require any changes, please contact The Manager.