Website Update

We’ve just completed a fairly major update to the website so hopefully you’ll see a lot of improvements to the info and features on offer.

The main recommendation for Members is to bookmark the Member’s Directory page on the website, and to try and take a quick look there before you login to the Micropower Member’s portal to make your bookings etc. That way you can see at a glance any important news and upcoming event announcements etc.

We’re also in the process of updating a lot of the content sections with  photos, articles and other features, so be sure to take some time to look around when you get the chance.  We’ll be looking for help with some of it… especially the historical record and our photo galleries… so be sure to check out those sections as well.

We have tested everything extensively but there are sure to be a few bugs and typos we’ve missed, so if you spot anything, please just send us a note via the contact form. Thanks!

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