Technical Issues – RESOLVED!

Everything is working now!

Online timesheets are open, we have Eftpos, phones, internet etc…

Thanks for your patience!


We are having some major tech issues with Telstra.

Right now our internet is down, we have no Eftpos and the phones are in and out a bit.

We’re organising a few temporary work-arounds until Telstra gets it’s act together, but things will be disrupted over the weekend.

Please bring cash if you’re coming out to play.  We can’t access your house accounts either, so we cannot charge anything.

Please phone the Golf Shop for bookings FOR the weekend only. We cannot access the timesheets right now, so we’ll be doing weekend bookings manually… please DO NOT try and book anything for next week until we get this sorted.

And a little bit of good news

The Full Timesheet is now open for Saturday. Unfortunately the online bookings aren’t working, so you will need to call to book. Please help us out by having all details for your playing partners before you call.





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