Information For Visitors

Half Moon Bay is currently open for golf under strict social distancing conditions and we have a small number of standy-by tee-times available for visitors to play, subject to availability.

Two of those conditions that allow us to open are:

  • That people only play in two-balls, and
  • That we maintain a 10-minute interval between groups.

This has significantly reduced our capacity, so we are making sure our Members get the first opportunity to play. Visitors can only book in to any available timeslots on the day.

If you’d like to play at Half Moon Bay at this time, you will need to call on the day to see if there are any available timeslots. You can call the Golfshop 4055 7884.

Please be aware there are only a very limited number available and they are usually booked very quickly, so you will need to call early.

Weekends… Friday through Sunday… are filling up with Members well in advance, so your best chances for a game are Monday through Thursday.

If you do get a game…

We are only allowed to remain open if EVERYONE follows the rules, so we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on the following…

Please DO NOT enter the property until 10 minutes before your tee time. Follow signage and instructions when entering the GolfShop.

Please DO NOT bring any alcohol onto the course. If we catch you, you’ll be asked to leave immediately. If the police catch you, you and the Club will be fined and the course may be closed down entirely.

Please DO follow current social distancing guidelines. In particular, do not approach the tee if the group in front hasn’t moved off.

Please DO leave the premises immediately after the completion of your game.

Please also be aware the water coolers on the course have been turned off, so you will need to bring water with you or purchase it at the GolfShop. Also, please be prepared to pay by card. We are not accepting cash through the GolfShop.

Thank you for your co-operation through this difficult time. We do appreciate your support and we will do everything we can to get you a game of golf if you persevere!

If you can’t get a game…

We are currently accepting new Members with no application fee. So if you’ve found yourself with some time on your hands and you think some regular gold would be a good way to pass the time… be sure to talk to the staff in the GolfShop about the benefits of HMBGC Membership!

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