Greenkeepers Revenge 2019



1st: Peter Duncan, Lee Duncan, Tomoko Bawden, Oliver Duncan 57.62

2nd: David McTague, Stephen Blackwell, George McEwan, Mark Mitchell 58.37

3rd: Rob Beverley, Kevin McCreanor, Bill Phillips 63.12

4th: Elaine Sandilant, Vern Sandilant, Gordon Noble, Peter Wyatt 64.12

5th:  Dennis Jones Dog Westerman Helen Phillips, Gary Litherland 64.62

6th Barry Peacock, Jack Dempsey, Clare Demosthemis, Demos Themis

7th: Julianne McCarthy, Bret Taylor, Bob Gray, Peter Cook 65.75

NON G/A Winners: The Sensible GreenKeepers: Ross McConnell, Mike Macmanus, Chappy & Al 59.5


# 3

Clare Hopper 918 cm                    Ian Kerr 800 cm

# 4

Lia Minami 512 cm           Ron Sylvester 527 cm

# 9

George McEwan 308 cm

# 11

Wazza O’Brien 305 cm


Tomoko Bawden 500 cm               Radar Gillin 260 cm


Longest Drives

Berrick Barnes

Grant Cockrell

Emi Minami

Lynne Power


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