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Thanks for confirming your booking. If anything changes, please do let us know. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you on the day.

If you haven’t played Half Moon Bay before, you might find the following information useful. Likewise, if you’re bringing a group please review those guidelines as well, so you can ensure all your players come prepared.

Course Information

Half Moon Bay isn’t long but it’s tight and challenging. If this is your first visit, take a moment to review the short hole-by-hole guide that will likely save you some shots and maybe even a couple of balls…

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Social Payers & Groups

We welcome groups bookings and social players who want to come out and enjoy our course and facilities. Please take a moment to review our social group guidelines to ensure you and your playing partners are aware of what’s required of them.

Social Golfer Information

Please Look After Our Golf Course

Please fill your divots! For the beginners, divots are holes you make in the grass when you hit your ball. When this happens,  just spread a little sand over it so it grows back faster and other players don’t have to hit out of a hole you made.

If you’re walking the course you can pick up a Sand Bucket from the first tee. Motorised carts will have Sand Bottles attached to the back. Make sure you keep filling these up as you use them.

If you make a pitch mark on the greens, take a moment to repair that (use a pitch repairer tool if you have one, or you can use a tee if you don’t).

If you go in a bunker, please rake it smooth after to play your shot out, and don’t forget your footprints either. Replace the rake back in the bunker, pointing towards the hole.

If you’re driving a cart, please stay well clear of all tees and greens. Most greens will have a blue line marked out from the front… please stay outside of that. If conditions are wet, stay well clear of any waterlogged sections, and ideally park on the cart paths and walk to your ball.

Beginners Are Welcome!

Everyone has to start somewhere. We’ve all been there and we’re always happy to have beginners come out to play. Just make sure you select an appropriate time-slot outside of our Competition or Peak times.

The other thing we ask you to remember is, more experienced players will play considerably faster, so you should be aware of what’s going on behind you, and if other groups are waiting, please call them through. Just move to the side of the fairway, give them a wave… they’ll play through and you can continue on once they’re out of range.

This keeps the faster-players happy and takes the pressure off your beginners so they don’t feel rushed.

If you have a couple of beginners, try playing an Ambrose game.

This is a team game, so you can pair up each beginner with a more experienced player and make it more fun for everyone. Both players tee off and then select the best ball, and both players hit again from there. You repeat this process until the ball is in the hole…

If your beginners really want to play on their own, suggest that they pick up after 9 shots… so they don’t have to write down a double-figure score for any holes.. and consider letting them drop out of bunkers if they’re struggling.

You might also find 9 holes will be plenty of most beginners… better to stop while they’re still enjoying it, than to let it drag on and become an ordeal!