Christmas Breakup Day

Our annual Christmas fun day will be held on the 21st December and we’re trying something a little different this year. The day’s event will be a stableford round played with a partner, with 3 distinct sections…

Holes 1-6:  4 Ball Best Ball… record the best points score for each hole.

Holes 7-12: 4 Ball Worst Ball… record the worst points score for each hole

Holes 13-18: 4 Ball Aggregate… record the combined score for both players.

There’ll also be prizes for the best-dressed team. There’ll be an individual stableford for anyone who can’t find a partner, but it should be a fun day, so please let us know in the Golf Shop and we’ll do our best to team everyone up with a partner.

We’ve got a normal Saturday timesheet open for this event, so you can book a tee time any time you’re ready!

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