Your Booking Request Has Been Received! Bookings

Well allocate a tee time as close as possible to your preferred time, based on course and equipment availability. We'll notify you of the time and lock it in after you confirm. Please watch for our email and confirm promptly to avoid disappointment.

Before you go, please take a moment to check the information below and ensure everyone in your party knows what’s required in terms of Dress, Equipment and Behaviour.

Arrive Early!

Please make sure everyone in your group is here at least 15-20 minutes prior to your allocated tee time. This gives you plenty of time to check in, purchase drinks or food, check you have enough balls and tees etc, and make use of the practice warm-up areas if required. If you’re running late, call the shop at the first opportunity to see if we can reschedule you.

If you miss your tee time on a busy day, we may not be able to get you on the course for several hours.

Dress Regulations Apply

A collared shirt, closed-in shoes and socks are essential. All clothing should be neat and tidy. You can check the full dress regulations here. Make sure your playing partners and any spectators are aware of this as well, or they will need to purchase suitable clothing before they can play.


Most of this is common-sense. Treat all other players, our course and our equipment with care and respect, and everyone will have a great day.

  • Be quiet when people around you are hitting… including people on other fairways.
  • Carry a sand bucket and fill your divots. Repair your pitch marks on greens.
  • Rake the bunkers once you’re out… leave them better than you found them.
  • Keep up with the group in front. Call faster groups through.
  • Never hit until the players in front of you are well out of your range.
  • Call ‘fore’ any time your ball strays towards other players… or out of sight.

Speed of Play

It’s important that you maintain a good pace of play. 9 Holes should take no more than two hours & 15 minutes. 18 Holes should take no more than 4 hours 30 minutes. This applies even if you have beginners in your group.

It’s no fun for beginners to be constantly rushed… or for the people behind beginners to be waiting on every shot… so it can be much more enjoyable if you play an ambrose-style game…

  • Pair up your more experienced players with your less experienced players.
  • Both players tee off, then you select the best ball of the two.
  • Both players then hit from there. Repeat for every shot after that…
  • Both hit, select the best, hit the next shot from there.

If you must play individually, at least tell your beginners they can pick up at 9, before they get to double figures!

Most importantly, if you are falling behind… or people are repeatedly waiting behind you… please call the group behind you through. Just move off to the side of the fairway and wave a club to get their attention, and they’ll take that as a sign to play through.

Motorised Carts

Carts are only to be driven by adults with a current open license. We have a zero tolerance policy on misuse or careless handling. When driving our carts, you should stay on the paths as much as possible, keep well clear of tees, green and hazards, and where marked, you should keep your cart outside the blue lines ringing our greens.

Reciprocal Clubs

If you’re a Member at one of our reciprocal clubs, please alert the staff when checking in. You may be entitled to discounted rates, but only if you let us know before you check-in and pay.