Cairns Community Enterprise

CCE-logi Cairns Community Enterprise (CCE) is an initiative of leading local community bank, the Bendigo Bank. The enterprise represents not for profit organisations in the area of sport, health, youth and community and it is an entity aimed at generating income for these key sectors in the Far Northern region.

Bendigo Bank clients, both existing and new, can nominate the Half Moon Bay Golf Club as an organisation they would like top support, through this scheme. Bendigo Bank then pays, via

Cairns Community Enterprise, a trailing income based on balances of the customer’s accounts (both deposits and loans). Payments are made directly to Half Moon Bay every 3-4 months. Bendigo Bank is effectively directing part of it’s profits back into the local community under this arrangement with Cairns Community Enterprise.

Nominating Half Moon Bay Golf Club as a recipient will in no way effect your banking arrangements with Bendigo Bank, but we do recommend you shop around and explore your options regardless. If Bendigo Bank is offering a competitive deal for your business, then make the best arrangements you can, and then nominate HMBGC after your arrangements are made.

For more information please call into the office or contact any Bendigo Bank branch in the Cairns region.