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Publishing Documents

We use a Plugin called WP-Filebase to standardise the sharing of various documents over our website. Mostly these are going to be Event Related… such as Entry Forms and Results sheets… or Club Documentation… such as Annual Reports, Committee Documentation, Policies etc.

There is a basic category structure in place, and several of those are embedded on static pages on the website… so new documents added to those categories will automatically be available on the respective pages. Please check the relevant pages before adding any new documents to see where they’ll turn up and avoid creating duplicate categories or pages. If in doubt, check with Admin.

The upload process is very simple and can be completed straight from the main dashboard page… just login and drag the file onto the hot-box upload widget. While it uploads you can select a category.

Once the uplaod is complete you can edit the File Name and add any relevant archival information to the listing. Save your changes and the file is saved to our database.

Depending on the category selected ,the file will appear automatically on th website, or else you can embed it in any Page or Post by clicking on the Filebase Icon in the Editor Toolbar…