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Posting To Group Pages

Group Pages refers to the pages created for specific groups such as Juniors, Buddy Golf, Members etc. These are made by publishing a static Page and setting it to display permanent content plus the latest Posts from a specific category.

Once set up, any new posts to a relevant category will appear on the respective Group Page.

Members Page:

Add news items to the Member News Items category.

This page displays the 6 most recent posts to the Members News Items. There’s scope to add a lot more content here, important notices, a photo-of-the-week, jokes, videos etc, to encourage Members to check in here before going to the login page.

Juniors Page:

Add news items to the Juniors category.

This page shows some basic information on our Juniors program. Current events and news items should be added as news items, though be careful to get permission from parents before adding photos of any minors.

There’s scope to add some additional pages as the program grows, in particular, links to the MyGolf website and a page outlining our own MyGolf program.

Buddy Golf Page:

Add news items to the Buddy Golf category.

This page is intended to encourage new Members to check out Buddy Golf, so lots of photos and regular updates on any social events are good. If you’re writing a blog post on a Buddy Golf event, golfing or social, be sure to invite new players to turn up and play!

Additional Group Pages:

Additional pages can be set up for other groups if there’s a need and if someone is prepared to write regular updates for that audience.

Points To Note:

  • All new posts appear in the main news section (the Blog). Beyond that any post can be added to multiple categories, so for example, the same post could turn up on the Home Page, the Members Page and Juniors Page if appropriate.
  • Use featured images! If you set a featured image (600px x 400px) it will appear on the Group page, adding visual interest to that, and it will encourage people to click through and view the news item in full.
  • The Group pages are currently set to show excerpts of the 6 most recent news items for their respective category. The excerpt length and the number of items can be easily changed by an Editor if required.