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Posting Items To The Home Page

The HMBGC website has been configured to make it easy for any authorised person to post appropriate news items to the website Home Page. All new posts will appear automatically on the main Blog page, but specially selected items can also be added directly to the Homepage.

Posted items will appear under the Recent News & Events heading, with a Headline and Photo, linking to the news item. This is designed to showcase important current news items for maximum exposure, and keep a flow of fresh, interesting content passing through the Home Page.

To Add A News Item To The Home Page:

  1. Create a new post in the Dashboard area.

  2. Add a short descriptive title to act as a headline.

  3. Enter and format the body content for your post.

  4. Select the Home Page News Items category.

  5. Add 2-4 relevant keyword tags.

  6. Select a featured image, 600px x 400px (w x h)

Save as a draft and preview carefully. If all is OK, publish live / submit for review.

Points To Note:

  • Published posts that have the Home Page News Items category checked will automatically appear on the Home Page… the most visible page on our website… so please check your work very carefully.

  • Home page posts must have a Featured image assigned. Images should be cropped and resized to a 3:2 ratio, ideally, 600px wide by 400px high.

  • Watch the Using Images video for detailed instructions on selecting Featured Images. Missing images will upset the Home Page layout.

  • Keep your Titles short… 4-6 words… as longer titles will upset the Home Page layout.

  • Consider embedding the Photo in the actual content of your post.

  • Home Page News Items will cycle off the front page quite quickly, so if your item needs longer or permanent exposure, talk to Admin about adding it as a Featured Service or a Slider Advert on the Home Page.