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Setting Up FAQ Page

The Avada theme we’re using includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page template that will list any saved questions and answers, and allow our users to find answers to common recurring questions on their own, without having to contact the office. Many web-users will look for these kinds of support options, so adding any repeat questions as they come up will save considerable Admin time and effort.

Adding a New FAQ:

The FAQ page has been created and added to the main nav menu and the footer menu, so it’s just a matter of adding new FAQs as they arise and they’ll automatically be available on the website.

Step 1 – Select the FAQs sidebar item in your admin section.

Step 2 – FAQ’s work like regular posts, to add a new one, click Add New in the FAQs section of your admin.

Step 3 – Create a title which will be the question, then insert copy in the editor field which will be the answer.

Step 4 – On the right hand side is the Categories box, these are your filters to your FAQs.

Step 5 – Click Add New Category and give it a name, then check the box to apply it to the FAQ post.

At this stage no categories have been set up, but if the number of questions grows unwieldy, there is the option to split them into categories later on. The main thing is for all website contributors to be aware of what questions people are asking, and pass them along to Admin so the recurring issues can be fixed and recurring questions added to the FAQ.