Adding Videos

Publishing Videos

Videos can be added to post and pages in a number of ways. The easiest options are to simple embed videos that are already stored on either YouTube or Vimeo. This saves us storage space and bandwidth, and makes it easy for you as well.

We do have a HTML5 Video Player installed on the website, that will play videos directly from our server or associated storage areas, but we do have limited space so that is generally going to be reserved for Admin videos.

To embed a YouTube Video:

  1. Locate the video you want on YouTube and look for the Share link… usually just below the video frame.

  2. Click that to reveal the Video ID … usually 10-12 letters and numbers. Copy that to your clipboard.

  3. Open your Page or Post in the Editor and position your cursor where you want to place the video.

  4. Click the YouTube button in the Editor tool bar to add the shortcode.

  5. Enter the YouTube ID where prompted and adjust the video dimensions as required.

  6. Save the Post/Page as a draft and Preview to check that it works OK.

  7. Finish the post and Publish.

To embed a Vimeo Video:

Follow the same steps but be sure to click on the Vimeo button in the Editor toolbar.

To host a video on our website:

If you have a video that you think should be saved to a HMBGC account… for privacy or archival purposes… please provide a copy on a flash drive to Admin for consideration, or ask for Admin access to our YouTube channel.