Adding Testimonials

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Adding Testimonials

We’ve created a number of Testimonial Groups and embedded them in various pages on the website, so as new Testimonials are received, the can simply be added and saved to the relevant group and they’ll automatically appear in the rotation. If required, specific testimonials can also be added to individual pages using the shortcodes explained here

Add Testimonials

Adding testimonials is easy:

  1. Go to Testimonials > New Testimonial – this will allow you to enter the testimonial, cite (where it comes from), and embed images, if necessary.
  2. Give your testimonial a title; this is the cite, so if the testimonial is from Joe Blow, you’d enter “Joe Blow”.
  3. Enter the testimonial content (text or HTML) in the main editor window, which is the body of the testimonial. Note: images, html and text are okay here.
  4. Assign the testimonial to a group, if applicable. If you haven’t already created a group, click on the Add New Category link in the testimonial Groups box and add one.
  5. Give this testimonial an order in its group. If you want it to show first in your Services testimonial, set Order to 1 under Testimonial Data.

Create a new Testimonial Group

To create a testimonial group, go to Admin > Testimonials > Testimonial Groups and add a new group. Groups aren’t mandatory, but can make it easier to segment your testimonials later.

For example, if you wanted to have a specific testimonial that is shown in the Services pages of your site, you might create a group called Services so you can easily identify them in the future and add them to your shortcodes.


Detailed instructions are available from the Plugin’s developer here…