A Brief History

The Half Moon Bay Golf Club was established in 1969 by a small group of ardent golfers. It was carved out of the thick coastal scrub in an area the council had designated for a sports reserve. The dedicated group of volunteers you put in over 7000 hours that first year alone.

The first game of golf was played 30th May 1970, a nine hole 4BBB. The Clubhouse followed five years later, also thanks to a big volunteer effort. The course was later extended to 13 holes, then 15 and eventually our 18 hole course was opened 29th May 2000, 30 years to the day after that first game.

It was decided at the inaugural meeting that members would all be members, and no distinction would ever be made between the sexes in the constitution. This was a major change from standard practice at the time, and paved the way for the friendly, inclusive atmosphere the Club is known for.

Half Moon Bay Golf Club might have a relatively short history as far as golf clubs go, but it’s a past rich with inspiring stories and colourful characters. We’ve added a few of them here… if you have your own to add, please send it in!


Mid 1969 :- Ray Howarth and Merv Watson entered into discussions with the Mulgrave Shire Council about developing 13ha bushland at Yorkeys Knob into a golf course. The land was designated as a recreational reserve.

14th September 1969 :- The first informal meeting of 50 golfers to determine if it could possibly be done.

24th September 1969 :- Te first committee was formed. Brian Ledlie as Chairman, Gordon Weir as Treasurer and Von Kenny as Secretary. Committee members included Ray Howarth, Arthur Neilsen, Alan Schmid, John Pendrigh, Harry Hastie, Ian Evans, Fred Larfield, Lloyd Grigg and Harry Bandock.

11th Octo9ber 1969 :- the first survey pegs were laid out on the course. Estimated expenditure for the first year was $6000, estimated revenue was $7500.

January 1970 :- After the tender process, Ray Howarth is granted a 35-year lease on the proviso that a golf course is developed.

March 1970 :- Architect Barney Lynn begins plans for a new clubhouse.

30th May 1970 :- The first game, a 9-hole 4BBB is played. There are no holes in the greens because the grass was not well enough established. Instead pegs and string were used. If a ball was within 2 feet of the peg it was deemed to have been a one-putt.

22nd November 1970 :- The first Annual general meeting was held in the machinery shed /clubhouse. Harry Hastie was elected patron, Brian Ledlie as President and John Pendrigh as Captain. The fees for 1971 were set at Ordinary Members $20, Country Members $10, Social Members $10 and Juniors $5.

Early 1971 :- Mid-week play began, women on Tuesdays, men on Wednesdays.

May 1971 :- Saturday golf was introduced.

8th March 1975 :- The new licensed Clubhouse was officially opened. It was 68 squares, plus 30 squares for the locker room (partially completed). Total cost was $64,000 plus $11,000 for the locker rooms. The forecast had been $156,000

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2000 :- The full 18 hole course was opened.