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2016 Matchplay

This years event kicks off in April.122304

Cost is $20 per person.

Payment to confirm entry must be made at the Golf Shop.

For this event to go ahead there must be 32 entrants in the Ladies division and 64 entrants in the Men’s division.

Winners of each division will receive 2017 annual  membership.

Annual Charity Day 2016 Results



1st Place: Luby, Pete Hindle, Chris Stewart Robyn Stewart

2nd Place: Oliver Duncan, Michael Rogge, Tarquin MacManus, Christian Chapman

3rd Place: Deb Westerman, Dog Westerman, Gary Litherland, Helen Phillips

4th Place: Ross McConnell, Jake Hopper, Rod Gilbert, Waza Berry

5th Place: Terry Mangan, Rob Stewart, Milos Stillman, Adam Murphy


Ntp’s Ladies                                                         Ntp’s Men

3rd: Sally Horwood                       3rd: Colin Morrison

4th: Helen Phillips                        4th: Keith Schirmer

9th: Tanya Maynard                     9th: Michael Rogge

11th: Katrina Harper                    11th: Tim Schofield

16th: Nene Jose                             16th: Christian Chapman

Ladies L/D Over 60: Sally Horwood

Ladies L/D under 60: Tanya Maynard

Men’s L/D over 60: Colin Morrison

Men’s L/D under 60: Christian Chapman

Best Dressed Team: Ross McConnell’s Team