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2016 Holden Scramble



Save The Date : April 9th

Open Division and Ladies Division

This will be a two tee start.

Timesheet Open Now


Palmer Sea Reef Ladies Classic – Winners

Ladies Classic Sea Temple Feb 2016

Maree, Lorae, Jeanette & Margie






Congratulations to Maree Klee and Margie Logan winners with 48 pts, with Jeanette Gilliver and Lorae Ladru 2nd place with 42 pts. Well done girls on your efforts in the Classic held 10th February at Palmer Sea Reef.

2016 Frequent Player Winner

Frequent Player Winner





Congratulations Darren Morrissy, winner of 12 Months membership with Half Moon Bay Golf Club.

Darren was a Frequent Golfer and was lucky enough to have his name drawn out of the hat.

Course Wildlife

Croc on 3rd

Resident Crocodile on the 3rd- Note trap in background







At Half Moon Bay Golf Club we are fortunate in having a large variety of wildlife that call our course home.

Silk Air Race To Singapore Winners

Silk Air Winner M Brading

Winner Matt Brading with Julie Waters

Silk Air Winner M Klee

Winner Marie Klee with Julie Waters










In August last year Half Moon Bay Golf Club entered into a sponsorship arrangement with Silk Air.  Silk Air had recently commenced flights from Cairns to Singapore and return.  One of our members Julie Waters was instrumental in forming this arrangement and in doing so Silk Air  donated 2 return tickets to Singapore. The Race to Singapore commenced  on the 2nd August and the winners were announced at our Australia Day golf day in January 2016. The competition ran for 6 months and  involved every Sunday competition from 2nd August to Sunday 17th January 2016. The placegetters in the Sunday competition still received their normal prizes but every player in the field was awarded 1 point for playing, 2pts for 3rd place , 3pts for 2nd place 5pts for 1st place.  Congratulations to Matt Brading and Marie Klee in what was a popular and closely contested competition.

Storm Season

Mother Ship






Dangerous Course Conditions and Course Unplayable.

With the storm season with us it is important that all Members and Committee know what is expected of them should the above conditions occur.

Dangerous Course Conditions.

Should the course conditions become dangerous, for example an approaching lightning and thunder storm, a Committee Member, Management or an Employee of the Club shall sound the siren with 1 prolonged blast repeating the single blast as often as necessary for all players to hear. Upon hearing the horn the Players have only two options. The first is leave your ball where it is on the course and leave the course for safety immediately. The second is, mark your ball where it lies and leave the course for safety immediately. You may not play another stroke or finish the hole before exiting the course. When notification is received that the course is now safe for play the players will return to their marker or ball and must resume play from that position. You may not replay any holes or shots. If you play a stroke after the horn has been sounded you will be disqualified, this includes tapping in a 2 inch putt.

Course Unplayable.

Should the course conditions become unplayable, for example a heavy downpour of rain that puts the fairways or greens underwater, a Committee Member, Management or an Employee of the club will conduct a course inspection and upon deciding that the course is indeed unplayable they will sound the siren with three short, sharp blasts, repeating as often as deemed until all players are aware of the course conditions. Upon hearing the horn the Players have only two options. The first is to mark your ball where it lies and leave the course immediately. The second is, if you wish you may finish the hole you are playing and then leave the course immediately. If a return to play is possible, the Officials will notify the Players and play will resume from where you left off. You may not replay any holes or shots.

Return to play

Once the dangerous conditions or unplayable conditions have passed players will be advised to return to the course by 2 short blasts from the air horn.